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How do I restore all my paks?

Open Hipstamatic and tap on the Hipstamart (shopping cart icon) below the lens. Start by hitting the My Account button and making sure that you're signed into your Hipstaccount. Then, tap on Downloads, and then hit the Restore Purchases button. You'll be prompted for your Apple ID password. Once you've entered that, Hipstamatic will check your accounts and download all the paks it finds associated with both your Apple account and your Hipstaccount.

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How do I reinstall Hipstamatic and make sure I get all my stuff back?

Start by making sure you've got all your Hipsta pics safely stored on your computer or other backup media, otherwise they will be deleted when you reinstall! Then, start by deleting the current copy of Hipstamatic from your Apple device. Log into the App store app using the same Apple ID that was used to buy Hipstamatic originally. Install a fresh copy of Hipstamatic. Open the app and log into your Hipstaccount. Tap the Restore Purchases button in the Downloads section of the Hipstamart.

Hipstamatic crashes as soon as I launch it, what do I do?

This situation happens when a print is stuck in the processing queue. Start by opening the Settings app on your phone and finding the Hipstamatic entry. In that section, turn ON the Reset Print Queue option. Then, perform a force shut down of Hipstamatic (double click the home button, press/hold the Hipstamatic icon, and then tap the 'minus' sign to close the app safely). Then restart Hipstamatic. The print will have cleared and the app should stop crashing.

How do I change the email address on my Hipstaccount?

You can login and manage your account to add a new email address (or remove an old one). Remember that you need to have at least one email address on file, so in order to remove an old email address you must first add and confirm a new one.

I just bought a pak from the Hipstamart. The app says it's mine, but the gear isn't there!

This sometimes happens when the purchase part of the transaction goes through, but a hiccup prevented your paks from downloading initially. Start off in the App store app on your phone. Sign out of your Apple account and leave yourself signed out. Then open Hipstamatic and go into the Hipstamart > Downloads section. Tap the Restore Purchases button. You'll be prompted for both your Apple ID and password. Once you've entered those, the paks should finish downloading.

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I can't log into my Hipstaccount and/or can't reset my Hipstaccount password

First make sure you've tried resetting your password here. If you're still having trouble we can do a quick check of your account, to advise you on how to sign in or reset your password. Send us an email, and make sure to include your Hipstaccount email address.

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