The Original Point & Shoot Analog Camera Has Returned

Experience the retro camera that changed iPhone photography forever. Hipstamatic brings all the joy, quirk, and randomness of film photography to your pocket.

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X device capture

Push Button.
Make Magic.

The all-new Eazy™ Automatic Camera picks the perfect effect depending on what you are shooting. Point. Shoot. Done.

Art House
Classic Toy
Coming Soon
K-Pro X

Don’t Edit. Just Shoot It.

Hipstamatic X contains a camera bag full of retro favorites, including Tintype, Pinhole, Fisheye, and so many more.

X cam builder

Build the Camera of Your Dreams

The new Camera Builder lets you build your rig however you like, including custom analog controls and colors. And the Gear Catalog makes it easier than ever to pick the perfect lens+film combo to create your own personal instant camera.

X classic love

Classic Love.
Analog Forever.

Hipstamatic X is a new analog experience that stays true to its heritage. But it’s also a completely separate app from Hipstamatic Classic so you don’t have to change if you don’t want to.

To make things even easier, Hipstamatic X supports all your previously purchased lenses and films for free. It happens automatically, just open up HIpstamatic X and you’ll find all your old favorites waiting for you.*

Join the Club.
Support the Community.

For about two bucks per month*, become a member of the Hipstamatic Makers Club for awesome analog perks, including:

Unlock the entire Hipstamatic Supply Catalog, which includes 10 years of lenses and films for endless combinations of custom photo effects

Get all our Signature Cameras, custom tuned for one-button stunning photo effects

Early access to new cameras arriving several times per year

Unlimited camera building and editing of existing cameras

The joy of supporting a small team of dedicated analog nostolgia lovers, who are building even more great things to come!

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